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Sometimes, carpet says it all

If you are looking to update a room or rooms in your home, we have the perfect fit: carpet. Carpeting will add personality, warmth, style, and beauty to your home. There are plenty of benefits that come with carpeting too. You’ll enjoy the soft feeling while walking on carpet, as well as the warmth it generates underfoot.

The right carpet can also connect the rest of your interior decor, creating a gorgeous atmosphere. Picking the right carpet is easy if you follow these steps:

  1. Stick to your specific needs
  2. Do some research on products/styles of carpet
  3. Visit The Floor Store

The team at The Floor Store will help you find the perfect carpet for your bedroom, living room, stairs or any other room you are renovating. Our experience will help you filter through your options until you land on the perfect match for you.

Since 1992, we have been dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction. This continues as we continue to grow and serve the entire Metro Phoenix area. If you want to check out our huge selection of carpeting, please stop by our Mesa, AZ showroom. The Floor Store also serves Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale and Mesa, AZ.

Carpet benefits you’ll appreciate

Carpeting comes in a variety of styles and colors. Lucky for you, we are here to dive into the benefits of carpet with you. There are different types of carpet fibers. Each carpet fiber type will give you a different feel or texture.

If you choose a high-pile carpet for your remodel, you won’t want to install it in a high-traffic area like a living room. It’d be better used in a bedroom or a den. The more traffic a room gets, the quicker the carpet can look worn. It’s better to go for a more durable type of carpet for high-traffic areas of your home.

Some manufacturers have addressed the need for durable carpet that is soft. You might think these two things can’t coexist in one fiber, but it is true. Some even have stain resistance added in them, making the carpet even more durable. If this type of carpet seems like a good fit for you, contact us today. One of our flooring specialists can show you samples and give you more information on this carpet.
Luxurious carpet in Phoenix, AZ from The Floor Store
Having a carpet that is soft and durable will truly give you peace of mind. This is why homeowners with kids or pets are choosing carpeting over other flooring types. It works well in living rooms, hallways, stairs and bedrooms. Carpet also will give you added cushion if you multiple floors in your home. Keeping footsteps to a minimum is always a good thing too.

If you have questions about carpeting or want to come see our selection, stop by our showroom. Our team is waiting to help you find the right carpet for your home.

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