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Carpet construction

The manufacturing of carpet–which can be described as sewing strands of yarn into a backing material–creates thousands of yarn loops.

When the loops are cut, we create a CUT PILE carpet, often known as PLUSH.

When the loops remain uncut, we create a LOOP carpet.

These two options can be combined to create four CONSTRUCTION possibilities:
Cut pile
When the loops are cut, you create a cut pile carpet

Loop pile

When the loops remain uncut, you create a loop pile carpet.

Patterned loop
When the loops remain uncut and the loops have multiple heights, the result is a patterned loop carpet.

Cut & loop
When cuts and loops are combined, you can create a wide range of patterns.
Carpet Construction in Phoenix Metro from The Floor Store
In addition to CONSTRUCTION types, The Floor Store divides its carpet products into the following eight STYLES. In our online product catalog, you can search by these styles to help you determine a favorite.

Plush (cut pile) styles

Smooth carpet style
Smooth (known as a Saxony)
This style of cut pile carpet is achieved when the tufts of yarn are sheared to a low, smooth pile height for uniform color and a formal look.
Texture carpet style
This popular style offers a smooth, level finish, but the yarns have more twist, which creates a less formal look.
Twist carpet style
Twist (known as a Frieze)
The yarns in this style are even longer, creating a soft, comfortable, casual appearance.
Shag carpet style
The yarns in this style are even longer, creating a soft, comfortable, casual appearance.

Loop styles

Level loop carpet style
Level Loop (often called a Berber)
In this style, all the loops are the same height. The dense, firm surface of a loop pile carpet makes it ideal for high-traffic areas.
Patterned loop carpet style
Patterned Loop
The yarns in this style are also looped, but they are at two or three varying heights. The various heights can be arranged to create a wide range of patterns and textures.


Patterned carpet style
Pattern carpets beautifully blend loops and cuts in varying heights for dramatic, unique patterns, ranging from floral designs to geometric to pin-dot.


Print carpet style
As the name suggests, these carpets feature a design printed directly onto the carpet for a stylish, often dramatic look.