When is it good to use rug binding?

When is it good to use rug binding?

Carpet and area rug binding is used to seal the edges of a carpet or rug to ensure no raveling or damage occurs to the materials and create a beautiful visual element to the piece. If you are not sure when to use rug binding, read along for some valuable information about the process in today’s post.

Rug and carpet binding you can use

Carpet binding can be used to finish a whole piece or repair an older carpet to add extra life and beauty. In the simplest of terms, you will use fabric, stitching, or adhesive tapes to create an edge on your floor covering that offers an excellent finish, gorgeous visuals, and protection against future damage.

Area rug binding works in the same way, as you will choose a carpet remnant, shape, size, and type of binding you would like to apply. Once the binding is finished, you will get years of life from the product and can have it repaired at any time.

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