What type of looks can I get with carpet binding?

Carpet binding is when a border is added to an area rug to create a finished look and keep the carpet from running or fraying. However, it can have just as much to do with appearances, and that's what we'd like to tell you about in today's post.

Your area rug binding is simple and beautiful
There are three main types of area rug binding available, and one is likely to work better for your décor options than the others. Here are the different looks you can get for your area rugs.

1. Primary binding – This option provides the standard binding, usually made of polyester or cotton, that provides a nice cohesive appearance.

2. Serging – Serging is a sewn binding that looks most like hand stitching, using a continuous loop of yarn around the entire border of your area rug.

3. Fringing – Fringe leaves strings loose at the edge of your rug, available in different colors, lengths, and attributes, and the rug is usually reserved for lower-traffic spaces.

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