Rug binding questions and answers

Rug binding questions and answers

When you need quality area rug binding, you may or may not know where to start. However, this specialized service is crucial for the success of this piece, and you'll want all the best options.

If you have questions about the process, you're not alone. Here are some common questions and their answers for your consideration.

1. What kinds of bindings are there?

There are three main binding types available, each offering specific benefits. Standard binding is the most affordable and offers various colors for your consideration.

Serging uses fibers that look like hand carpet binding and offer various colors and widths. And finally, fringing is the most decorative choice, reserved for low-traffic areas.

2. Which binding is best?

The best binding depends entirely on your specific requirements. If you need a budget-friendly choice, it will be standard binding. If you want a more upscale result, serging and fringing work well.

Fringing is the most decorative binding, but you should only place it in low-traffic areas where cleaning isn't a daily task. You might see fringing attached to wool and other natural rugs.

3. How long does carpet binding take?

Here is another carpet binding answer that depends on the work involved. An intricate binding will take longer than a simple one, and the binder’s workload can change things too.

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